Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

The Ratoid - 05

The druid, in bear form, was walking on his hind legs, holding the jar between his front paws as he licked at the strawberry jam. They had arrived in the village of Wellfield to meet with the miller. Apparently he dabbled in taxidermy as a hobby.

The rat creature mounting was nearly complete already, with six feet gripping a branch. The taxidermist even kept the bones, intending to make a skeletal display as well. He showed the bones to the heroes, pointing out things that seemed off. The shape of the bones and joints weren’t the same as a normal creature. He also indicated that the lungs were quite large, and there appeared to be two heart-like organs.

After mentioning that he would like a sketch of the creature for Froderick Bloom, the half-elf was handed a sketch made by the taxidermist in preparation for the mounting pose.

Gonder and the heroes thanked the man for his time. “Can you take us to the logging camp?” asked Rhogar.


KingThorvar KingThorvar

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