Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

Electric Lights - 06

Gonder and Rhogar spoke as they walked along the road leading up into the mountains. Rhogar tended to keep to the higher elevations, so he wasn’t completely surprised that he had never met Tracks as he wandered the foothills. He was definitely interested in some of the locations for quality mushrooms!

Suddenly the paladin’s camel mounted lead out a strange grunting call. Its head shook from side to side frantically, and it bit down hard on its own leg. The paladin tried hard to control his bonded mount without success. Either the heroes were completely distracted by the antics of the camel, or the creatures were invisible as they attacked. Three balls of light seemed to appear out of nowhere, shooting lines of lightning. The half-elf summoner went into spell casting, hasting his companions so they moved and attacked faster. The lion reached out with a huge paw, snatching one of the balls of light from the air. The ball responded with another of shock of electricity. It did not keep the lion from chewing on the ball until it stopped moving altogether. The druid in dire bear form obliged the nearest ball of light by swatting it from the air, and stomping it into the ground. The third ball of light was easily dispatched with its mates for support.

“Will-o’-wisps?” asked Barovar. The druid replied that he wasn’t certain, but he didn’t think they were. “They looked smaller and brighter than a true will-o’-wisp.” The paladin made sure they were dead, and detected a fading aura of evil from what was left of the creatures. He layed his healing hands up the camel’s torn forelimb, watching the wound stitch itself closed. “He must have been under some Confusion effect from those things,” stated Barovar, remembering seeing similar reactions from that particular spell.


KingThorvar KingThorvar

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