Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

Early Morning Invitation - 02

Rhogar had barely washed the night’s sleep from his eyes in the basin when someone knocked on the door to his rented room. A young boy in page clothing handed him a folded parchment with a wax seal. The boy bowed his head, and rushed down the hallway. Rhogar noted that both the half-elf and the paladin were standing in their doorways with similar folded packages.

The three gathered in Rhogar’s room. The wax seal bore an emblem that meant nothing to Rhogar, but the paladin identified the seal as from the department of the Andoran government that deals with foreign information and relations.

The letter indicated that Froderick Bloom was extending an urgent invitation. He had witnessed them in action last evening at the Green Dragon, and spoke with others who could vouch for their integrities and capabilities. A carriage would be sent.


KingThorvar KingThorvar

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