Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

Desperate Government - 03

The trio (and their animal companions) is lead into a plush sitting room. The room was adorned with finery, books and a bar with crystal carafes, goblets and glasses.
They didn’t wait long before the fat man walked in. Rhogar could swear her heard the man’s fine slippers squealing in pain.

“I am Froderick Bloom, and I will get straight to the point. I work for the People’s Council, and I’m desperate. The villages and farms along the foothills of the Aspodell Mountains have been invaded by strange, dangerous creatures. None have been the same type of creature, so we are unsure of the origin, but we fear that it may be a prelude to another invasion from Cheliax. Since the Aspodells form the boundary between our countries, it would not be out of the question. We have sent soldiers to the only safe pass in the mountain range in case, but the creatures were not in that area. They were farther to the southern end of the range.

“I have already sent several adventuring groups to investigate, but none have returned. I fear for my coveted position with the government, so I’m willing to pay handsomely. I will give you 1,000 gp to accept this assignment. I will also offer you each 5,000 gp upon completion of the assignment to include a stop to the invasion, and proof of the source. You must be able to leave within the hour. I’m preparing a caravan of supplies, handlers and a few others of your ilk. What say you?”

The paladin immediately accepts as he considers it his duty to protect the innocent from the evils of the world. The druid mentions that he is actually from the Aspodell mountains, and protecting his precious mountains and friends is most certainly paramount. The half-elf’s eyes certainly lit up at the mention of gold, and it sounded like a fun adventurer. Andie, his lion companion agreed.

Bloom was ecstatic. “Fantastic! I will send in my accountant right away!”


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